For those of you that have lived in Frederick or are currently living in the community, how would you describe or define Frederick, Illinois? How would you describe the people? Ages? Families? Interests? Occupations?

What makes it a great place to live? Why have you made Frederick “home”?

What makes Frederick, well Frederick?

You may be wondering why I ask these questions well, let me fill you in. Currently Christy and I are working on a major grant application that is asking us to define the community in which the grant funds will be used. Of course, Frederick is that community. Since we don’t currently live in Frederick or have deeply established roots within the community we are in need of input from folks that do. Are you one of those folks? Do you know someone that is? If so, please consider leaving us a comment with your thoughts at the bottom of this post. We certainly value your input and are thankful for it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jason and ChristyIMG_6937