You ask “What defines Frederick?” But I look at it as what Frederick defines. It’s small town America to a T. I grew up there and my parents are still there,going on 39 years. I can remember getting off the bus in kindergarten at the neighbors to stay till my parents got off work. No daycare needed. Going to swim parties and haircuts at MaryJanes. It wasn’t a town, it was a big family where everyone was there to help each other out. If you ran out of something someone would give it to you, no running to the store needed. Frederick is/was what America needs more of, people looking out for one another, helping each other whenever the need arises. I grew up with my best friends there, had more Grandmas and Grandpas then I could want there. Oh and the summers growing up in the woods, will be something I will always remember.

-Grayson Waters