Although we don’t live in Frederick proper and are associated by rural route and box number, I loved going to the post office to pick up our mail and chat with the local post mistress, beginning with Rena Park (with no indoor plumbing back in the day!). Having a local post office and school defines a community and when one or both are gone, there is a real void. Back in the ’80s the powers that be decided that the Frederick post office would be closed down. The community would have none of it and organized a rally to keep it open. It was a glorious day! People brought lawn chairs and women sat shelling peas, doing needlework, and generally making merry and we enjoyed a resounding victory! Sadly, the Frederick post office was not deemed sustainable even though it was only open a few hours each day and was closed a few years ago. I miss the convenience and camaraderie I had come to enjoy, not to mention getting the Rushville Times on Wednesday instead of on Thursday!

-Sharon Mann